Nottilucente San Gimignano

Saturday 25 June 2022 the Nottilucente event will take place in San Gimignano from 20:00 to 23:45.
A few steps from the Hotel Villa Ducci, you will have the opportunity to discover San Gimignano under the lights and music.

The Festival

Nottilucente is a festival organized by the Municipality of San Gimignano and the Culture Attive Association. It is a festival where the youth component is intertwined with an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue. Music, theatrical performances, visual arts exhibitions and performances by local artists enliven the evening. Promoting local art and culture allows everyone to participate in the realities present in the Tuscan territory, a place made up of unforgettable landscapes and hidden villages.

Emotive Adherences

The theme of the 11th edition will be Emotive Adherences, as explained on the Facebook page dedicated to the event. In fact, the name Aderenze Emotive recalls the concept of rupture and crack. Adhesions are therefore all those traces left by the healing and imperfect reunion of two vital parts, which have previously been torn due to a wound.
The adhesions are emotional because it is the emotion, the feelings that characterize the human being. This is all that has been missing in these two years of the pandemic, where physical contact has been totally absent. Human and social relationships are indispensable in everyone's life and condition the way of living and thinking.


Every year the guests are numerous and make this evening even more magical. Among these we find the Associazione Mondi Aperti, which through the Pulsar performance, will give new life to drums and plates, transformed into percussion by young percussionists.
The Chamber Orchestra of Radicondoli instead offers a laboratory for children, NOTElucenti - Musical and emotional laboratory, where two exceptional musicians will give life to the creativity of the little ones, letting them play in the laboratory.
Elisa Bartalini on vocals and Alessio Montagnani on guitar will perform in the Cortile del Comune with some songs dealing with love from Mauro Giuliani's Rossinian transcriptions.
But Nottilucente is much more! Many visual arts exhibitions will be open to the public. Among these, the Associazione Arte Libera-mente which will return with an exhibition of original works in Piazza Pecori.
You will discover the rest only by living!

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