Visit to the private exhibition of vintage scooters Lambrettas

Hotel Villa Ducci organizes visits to the private exhibition of vintage Lambrettas for its customers, upon reservation. The exhibition is free for hotel guests, who will thus be able to observe Lambrettas produced since the 1960s.

The Lambretta is an all-Italian scooter, created by the Innocenti mechanical industry in Milanio. In fact, its name derives from the Lambro river, which flows in the area where the production plants were located.

The Innocenti industry was initially born as a seamless steel piping factory but with the Second World War, following the numerous bombings, it began to study the new product taking its cue from American military motor scooters. The first revolutionary Lambretta scooter was launched on the market in 1947. The success was enormous: Lambretta began to be built under license also in Germany, Great Britain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India and Spain.
The company closed the production of motor vehicles in 1971, when the demand for cars had increased dramatically.

Today the Lambretta is an object for collectors, often engaged in restoration with original spare parts, for this Hotel Villa Ducci offers its guests a visit to these period wonders while wandering around San Gimignano.

The historic scooter, together with the Vespa, represents an icon of Italy of the 1950s and 1960s, which cannot and must not be forgotten as part of an all-Italian history.